Look Away From the Shiny Object
Look Away From the Shiny Object
Digital Collage
November 2020

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This is an anti-fascism piece. The shiny object represents the false promises of fascism. The two pierrots are exalting the shiny object, one holding an upside down and broken cross. The other is wearing a tacky US flag costume with tacky red shoes. These are inspired by the Sinclair Lewis Quote “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and wearing a cross.” The three boys represent the future. They also represent the concept that when fascism has succeeded in the past, one-third embrace it, one-third resist, and one-third look away. The boy in the middle represents those who embrace fascism. The goof-off on the left represents those who are complacent and not paying attention. The boy at the right represents those who resist and look away from the shiny object. Being children who represent the future, the two boys on the left still have an opportunity to reject fascism and join the boy on the right.

This piece has been submitted for possible publication in the 15th annual modern Dadaist journal Maintenant.