Digital Collages by Todd Mosher

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My collages are usually whimsical and absurd or introspective, sometimes with a deeper meaning just below the surface. I work spontaneously and largely from my subconscious. It’s like I’m inside a dream while I react to each new addition or development.

I think my artwork often gives the sense of a synopsis of an entire dream and not just a scene. For example, elements and players might repeat in different forms or contexts, representing transitions of a dream as it evolves. There is often a circular and/or triangular composition that simulates one element feeding into another.

When a piece is finished, I enjoy reflecting on it and interpreting it as if I’ve just awoken from a dream and I try to give it a title that fits my interpretation. I consider this a part of my creative process but I don’t expect others to necessarily see it the same way I do. When others view it, it can be their dream and they can have their own interpretation. Or they might just find it visually interesting or entertaining and that’s okay too. Enjoy!

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