What Do You Have To Lose?
What Do You Have To Lose?
Digital Collage
May 2020

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This was the collage, in retrospect, that inspired my current visual style. Although I would not expect anyone else to pick up on my own interpretation of the piece, this turned out to be a visual representation of the absurdity of then President Trump’s response (or lack thereof) to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was around the time he was promoting worthless elixirs while simultaneously downplaying the virus. In the collage, Trump is the clown in the moon at the top and on the damaged magazine on the floor (center-right). The figure in the tan clothes which match the style of the clown’s represents a true believer (think of his matching clothing as a red MAGA hat). The wiring of an absurd device (think elixir) passes through all the figures and the fractured dog. It’s futile, but they’re desperately trying to make it work. The title comes from Trump’s ridiculous quote “It might work, it might not work, what do you have to lose.”

This piece was selected and used as banner art for the Facebook art group The Very Beautiful and the Inescapable in 2020.