Raise the Deuce
Raise the Deuce
November 2020

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There’s a funny story behind this one. Sometimes art groups will present a weekly or monthly challenge to their artists. It could be “include two different animals in a collage,” or what have you. So one group offered up a “a furniture challenge.” You had to make at least one piece of furniture a feature of your collage.

I never do these challenges because that’s just not how I work. It actually feels like I’m working backwards if I start with a goal. But I thought “furniture, how hard could that be?”

So I started with an illustration featuring a man sprawled out on a giant sofa. I added in a giant dresser and two bookshelves. How could I go wrong?

Raising the Deuce is what I ended up with lol. The bookshelves became closets (upper right), only 2/3 of the dresser survived and was about 1/4 in size compared to the original, and that mysterious orange triangle that the diver is jumping toward is all that was left of the giant sofa lol.

The alternative title is Furniture Challenge Fail.